At Piensos Jiménez S.L.U. our principle is to offer the best product quality to our clients. To achieve this objective, we rely on four fundamental pillars:

  • We work with selected genetics in order to obtain the best productive results as well as to offer the quality of the final product clients require.
  • We own infraestructures provided with high technological standar according to the animal´s necessities. We adapt to the current regulations about animals health care, carrying out an exhaustive sanitary control and uses the most technologically advanced quality methods in order to have a precise traceability control of our products.
  • We offer the highest quality level and feeds to our farming centers. We only work with the best raw ingredients and supplies. We own an authorized lab where our employees make different analyses of the raw ingredients and our feeds production.
  • Finally, our management system provides customers all the information about the traceability of supplies, feeds or animals in each farm. We give them confidence and guarantee.

Quality as an objective

At Piensos Jiménez S.L.U. our objective is to offer the best product quality to our clients and to do so, we strive to:

  • Comply with the Product Certification Regulations (Traceability Certification, RD 4/2014 Iberian Products Marketing Certificate, ITERPORC Animal Welfare and Biosafety Regulation).
  • With selected genetics (Iberian, Duroc,…) , intended at delivering the best productive results as well as offering the quality of the final product which our client requests.
  • With infrastructures adapted to animals’ needs, in each of the production stages, brought into line with prevailing regulations on animal welfare and providing the required wellness so that the sanitary quality of our animals is optimal.
  • With the workforce committed to the organisation and actively participating in continuous improvement (veterinarians, farmers, technicians…..)
  • Commitment to the required technical resources of quality control which helps to improve each production process stage.

Sustainable development is our commitment

Piensos Jiménez S.L.U. as a livestock producer, is aware of its responsibility as regards the environment in the undertaking of its activity, being a key aspect, within the company’s business strategy, the contribution to the conservation of natural resources and sustainable development

Environmental protection is a task to be undertaken by each of member of our team, being aware that during the course of our activities, these may have an adverse and/or positive impact on the environment and therefore a series of best environmental practices have been specified.

Piensos Jiménez S.L.U. collaborates with its members in implementing savings measures which foster sustainability (water, electricity and gas consumption control) and reduce their impact on the environment (separation and waste management…)