Piensos Jiménez S.L.U.

Piensos Jiménez  is part of the business  group  Juan Jimenez García  S.A.U.

It started its cattle activity 20 years ago and it is focus on farming and fattening white and Iberian porks.

Its main center of activity is located in Jaén, although it also works in Córdoba, Granada, Málaga and Sevilla.



Our principle is to offer the best quality to our clients. The management of quality standar is considered as an instrument to improve our competitiveness.

All the information about the traceability of supplies, feeds production or animals in each farm are available to our customers. We offer them a relationship of trust and transparency.

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The guarantee of a good job

For the develop of its activity, Piensos Jimenez has a completely autonomy, owing a feeds production factory center in Jaen.

For the cattle activity Piensos Jimenez has  selection and multiplication centers, as well as weaning/post-weaning stages centers and fattening areas.

All the feeds production is under specific, complex and strict controls, which guarantee the quality of the product. This quality is guarantee by our company´s professionals and for external companies (CALITAX).